Zvi Shiller, Sanjeev Sharma, Ishai Stern and Asher Stern
On-Line Obstacle Avoidance at High Speeds
International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), 2013
An on-line planner, considering the robots dynamics, for motion planning  in known environments. The generated trajectories are superior to RRT and RRT* trajectories. Also, the obtained solutions are close to the global optimal solutions.


Robust Autonomous Waypoing Generation for On-Line Motion Planning in Unknown Environments
IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium, 2014.

Paper Withdrawn from Conference.
Autonomous Waypoint Generation Strategy with Safety Guarantees: On-Line Motion Planning in Unknown Environments
16th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR), 2013.
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An extension of the waypoints generation framework, using SDP to prune the potentially dangerous actions of the RL agent. This guarantees collision avoidance with unforeseeable obstacles, during the online navigation in unknown environments.
Learning Markov Networks with Bounded Inference Complexity
ICML Workshop on Inferning: Interactions Between Inference and Learning, 2013
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Bounding inference complexity of Markov networks in the learning phase, using a greedy approach.
Course Project: Probabilistic Graphical Models --- Winter 2013, University of Alberta, Computing Science.
Autonomous Waypoint Generation Strategy for On-Line Navigation in Unknown Environments
In Proceedings of IROS Workshop on Robot Motion Planning: Online, Reactive and in Real-Time, 2012
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An autonomous waypoints generation framework for navigaiton in unknown and unseen environments with number of existing, local or global, path and motion planners.
High Speed On-Line Motion Planning in Cluttered Environments
In Proceedings of IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2012
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An online 2D-motion planner for navigation in cluttered environments at high speeds using the bang-bang controls. The trajectory is planned via a set of intermediate goals, located by the planner, to the global goal in known environemnts.
On-Line Obstacle Avoidance at High Speeds
In Proceedings of 19th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics, and Control (RoManSy), 2012
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An online 2D-motion planner for navigation in known cluttered environments with Bang-Bang controls.
QCQP-Tunneling: Ellipsoidal Constrained Agent Navigation       
In Proceedings of Second IASTED International Conference on Robotics (Robo-2011), Nov 7-9, Pittsburgh, 2011
Covnex optimization based path planning algorithm for planning in completely unknown and unseen spaces (2D or 3D) using QCQP, SDP and SOCP

E - Extended Abstract
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T - Tech Report

Zvi Shiller and Sanjeev Sharma
On-Line Obstacle Avoidance at High Speeds
Extended Abstract
Israeli Conference on Robotics, 2013

Autonomous Waypoint Selection for Navigation and Path Planning: A Navigation Framework for Multiple Planning Algorithms
Technical Report, September 2011 (Revised 2012)
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Autonomous waypoints selection framework, using RL agents, for path and non-holonomic motion planning in unknown environments. The framework may use many path planners and is not restricted by their abilities.
Sigma Points Representation Policy Iteration
Poster Presentedat at UMass REU Poster Presentaiton Session, July, 2010
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Mikesh Udani, Sanjeev Sharma, Akhil Jindal and Rahul K. Gupta
Determination of Number of Speakers in a Given Speech Signal, IPTSE-09, Winter School, Speech Track, December 2009
Research done during the IPTSE-09 Winter School organized by Carnegie Mellon University and IIIT Hyderabad, India.
(Students confributed equally to the project)

Human Lips Detection and Face Segmentation under Normal and Ill Illuminated Conditions
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, 2009. (Revised Version - 2010)

Best Project Award: Srishti-09, IIT Roorkee (Feb - 2009)
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